Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Willow is At It Again

I’ve been having lots of fun writing about Gary Oldman movies over on The Willow Does Gary Oldman and have gotten requests to write about a couple of Indy films that will be coming out in the next few months so I decided to put up this second blog for everyone else’s movies. As I may have said before, there’s Gary Oldman and then there’s everyone else.

Seriously though, there are so many films being made these days that only get a limited release or are released straight to DVD and these movies don’t always get the attention they deserve. True, lots of them are real stinkers and it’s hard, sometimes, to tell the stinkers from the good ones. Many of the people I talk to tell me they just don’t bother much with movies that they have heard little about because they’ve been burned so often when renting or buying movies that turn out to be a waste of time and money. On the other hand, I have discovered some real gems that should have gotten more attention and definitely deserve a bigger audience.

These are the movies that I’ll be writing about, for the most part. I’ll be steering you away from the stinkers that I find and giving you a heads up on the pretty good, the very good and the Gotta See ‘Em films that have gotten only a limited release or been sent straight to DVD.

And any of you familiar with The Willow or with Pussy Willow will know that I just can’t resist giving my opinion…..on occasion…..ahem… I’ll probably be spouting off about a few blockbusters and full releases, as well. Sometimes I just can’t stop myself.

Of course, I loooove a good discussion; so, feel free to add your own comments and opinions, whether you agree with me or not. Hey, if I loved it and you hated, let us all know. I’m the first to admit that my tastes can be a tad off the norm. And if I didn’t like it and you loved it, heck, I’ll watch it again and see what I missed. It’s happened before. As a matter of fact, I think I owe an apology to Jeff Bridges for some disparaging remarks I made about “The Big Lebowski.” Yes, Sassys, you can expect a full (well maybe not full) retraction, very soon.

I also keep in touch with a few other bloggers who, from time to time, come up with a review or opinion that is just too good to keep to myself. Manodogs, “over to The Rundown,” comes up with some great reviews and I’ll definitely be passing some of his articles along to you, as well as any other little gems I find.

I hope you’ll keep me in mind when you’re deciding what to watch on your next movie night. Maybe I’ll be able to help you find some new favorites or inspire you to revisit some old ones.

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